a rite of passage for students to own their faith in Jesus Christ for themselves and to proclaim this faith to their church family. We hold 6 weeks of classes where students are confronted with the Gospel, challenged in who THEY say Jesus is, and learn about Christ’s intention for the Body of Christ. The emphasis of these classes is what students choose to do AFTER Confirmation Sunday is over . . . just as Jesus called the disciples and they followed (still having questions, failing miserably at times, but following nonetheless), we are called to follow Jesus on this life-long journey . . . even if we still have questions, even if we fail. These students will be confronted with who THEY say Jesus is and if they want to follow Him and claim the name Christian and walk with the Christian community.


If students decide they want to follow Jesus and be a part of the faith-community, this commitment is celebrated at a Saturday breakfast and a Sunday service and is expressed by the laying on of hands by the pastors and the students becoming full members of the church. The Sacrament of Baptism will be either administered or “remembered” prior to the confirmation vows. Students may take the classes and choose not to be confirmed.


Each student will have a sponsor from the Christ Church congregation who will pray for them, write encouragement letters each week and attend the Confirmation Breakfast and Service with them.



September 15 – Class 1 / for students and at least one parent
September 22 – Class 2 / students only for the remainder of classes
September 29 – Class # 3
October 6 – Class # 4
October 13 – Class #5
October 20 – Class #6
Saturday, October 26 – 9:00 am Confirmation Breakfast & Practice for students & parents.

Register | Registration Deadline September 1, 2019

If less than 5 students register, class will be postponed until next fall

Contact Information

For more information contact Confirmation Leader Leanne Donaldson or call 281-925-2774