Counseling (refered by Christ Church families and others)

  • Matt Hines, Christ Church Member, MA, LPC, Compasstree Counseling, 2219 Sawdust Rd, Suite 1303, 936-697-1633
  • Derek Prins, MA, LPC, Psychoterapist, Counselor Children-Adolescents-Adults, 26205 Oak Ridge Dr, 832.512.7409
  • White Stone Associates
  • Grace Point Center
  • Woodlands Family Institute: Leslie Alexander, Stephen Parham, Robyn Fairchild

Reading List – submitted by JCrew and parents of teens

Disconnected: Parenting Teens in a MySpace World Chap Clark & Dee CLark, 2007
Logged On and Tuned Out: A Non-Techie’s Guide to Parenting a Tech-Savvy Generation Vicky Courtney, 2007
Your Boy: Raising a Godly Son in an Ungodly World Vicky Courtney, 2006
Your Girl: Raising a Godly Daughter in an Ungodly World Vicky Courtney, 2004
Every Young Man’s Battle: Strategies for Victory in the Real World of Sexual Temptation Stephen Arterburn, 2009
Every Young Woman’s Battle: Guarding Your Mind, Heart, and Body in a Sex-Saturated World Shannon Ethridge and Stephen Arterburn, 2009
Men of Honor Women of Virtue: Raising Kids to Keep the Faith Dr. Chuch Stecker, 2006
Boundaries with Teens: When to Say Yes, How to Say No John Townsend, 2006
Letting Go: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding the College Years Karen Levin Coburn and Madge Lawrence Treeger, 2009

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