Sunday Morning Breakfast Schedule & Responsibilities (at bottom) We have decided to change the way we ask families to help us with our Sunday morning breakfast ministry. We always appreciate your help in making this ministry a success throughout the year. We (JCrew) feel it is one of the most valuable times we get to connect with students and share a meal (especially with any new or visiting students). In trying to put some order into how we invite families to serve, I have decided to make a monthly schedule divided out by grades. This way families should only be asked to serve 2 months out of the year. We realize some families have multiple students, so feel free to pick dates that work for your family! If you can help serve more, we obviously won’t turn you away!

Please sign-up to serve using the below Sign-Up Genius Links

(Only Spring is Available at this time)

December 2019– 9th Grade
January 2020 – 8th Grade
February 2020 – 7th Grade
March 2020 – 12th Grade
April 2020– 11th Grade
May 2020 – 10th Grade

The responsibilities of the Breakfast Team are:

  • be ready to serve by 9:20am in the CLC gym
  • serve approx 55-65 students/adults (this varies depending upon Sundays — Maggie will suggest specific numbers)
  • provide a main course, side, and juice (approx 3 gallons)
  • help clean up while students continue on upstairs around 9:45/9:50am
  • please make sure dishes are put away and counters/etc cleaned ready for our Monday morning daycare cooking staff
  • (church provides all paper products)

Suggestions of menu (but do whatever you wish):


                                      MAIN                                                                          SIDES

eggs/egg casserole/egg casserole with tortillas for bfast tacos

french toast/french toast casserole

pancakes/pancake on a stick

breakfast burritos



bagels/muffins/crescent rolls

sweet rolls/breakfast bread

baked oatmeal

dry cereal

fresh fruit

hash browns